345/366 - Upper floor - My two little helpers and I spent all day today building their new bunk beds. Jumbo really has gone up in the world.

346/366 - Mother's ruin - Seems we emptied this bottle last night (with the help of a few friends). Note to self never drink Gin after midnight.

347/366 - Beheaded - Too hungover to cook a roast on Sunday cook it on Monday instead.. Despite a severe hair cut there's still something beautiful about the broccoli stalk.

348/366 - Atissue - Second cold in 10 days is it nearly summer yet?

349/366 - Believe in Better - This is the 'Believe in Better' building next to the one I work in is the tallest commercial wooden building in the UK no less. As I stepped out this morning it was beautifully drowned in lovely wintry sunshine.

350/366 - One thing after another - My 7D has been out of action for months the internet told me that it's because it has a screw loose. When I discovered it not working I took it apart but couldn't fix it. Yesterday I picked it up and found that the loose screw had come fully loose and was rattling about in the bottom. So today I planned to take it apart again and replace the screw. But then the pressure washer broke. So this afternoon I thought I'd have a crack at fixing that instead…

351/366 - As good as useless - I showed my finger to a nurse this morning who treated it to a fancy new plaster. Now I can't do anything with it at all.

352/366 - Twinkle twinkle - Number 2 managed to come home from his Grandad's with 200 extra outdoor christmas lights today. We're going to have to find another bush to illuminate now.

353/366 - Happy Christmas Everybody - "Oooh I like your Christmas shirt" I often hear when wearing this. So many times in fact I save it for Christmas now.

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