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Nonstandard Capacity Unit for Kindergarten and First Grade

This is a 185 page set PACKED with great activities ALL about Non-Standard Capacity Measurement! It covers empty/full, half full/almost full, more/less

A set of 10 fun, hands-on challenge activities to investigate capacity. Great for reinforcing key vocabulary and concepts. The visual capacity challenge cards also come with a ‘Teacher Guide’ – ideal for double-sided laminating. Activities include sorting containers relating to capacity and finding out which container will be best for a thirsty Ted to drink from. Why not display our capacity key word cards to reinforce key vocabulary such as full, empty and half full

Hands On Capacity lesson (with beans, which would be a lot better than water all over the room!)

Cup-acity - a capacity task

Math Problem Solving: Exploring Capacity (Kindergarten Kindergarten)

Math Problem Solving: Exploring Capacity

A cute video that teaches capacity to elementary students UMIGO: A Cup Fills Up (CAPACITY)

Exploring capacity with rice, bottles and funnels. Such a nice capacity activity