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It's the first picture of him when I feel quite embarassed while looking at him << Besides his smiling and dorky pictures also makes me blush

To celebrate Mr AgustD, Min Yoongi, or also known as SUGA's birthday! Technically for America his birthday isn't until tomorrow but in Korea his birthday is today so yay🔥🔥🔥

never forget jimin can do the splits

At first, I thought they were comparing their pinkies, but now I realize they were comparing their hands, and it starts from the wrists.

I wish they wouldn't put so much makeup on him....I like the sexy, masculine rapper side of Yoongi

3 idols who pretend to be cold, but are actually super sweet -- My BIASES are mostly Tsundere types too XD Maybe because I am like that too? I have a soft spot for cold people XD