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flyboard. dude, i freaking want one of these!!! too bad they're like $7,000!
#surfing #givesyouwings #WOWsportandleisure
Easy. Social media became just another venue to put yourself across, to embark in a monologue pretending you are paying attention to others but only with the intention of pursuing to let everybody who you are and what kind of value you bring to the table.
Zorbing- wanted to do this since college sports mgmt project! Sign me up!!
Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Greece. please someone take me here.
Neemrana Fort Palace - Built since 1464, Neemrana Fort-Palace became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan , who had fled Delhi in 1192 after he was killed by the Islamic invasion of India, in battle by Muhammad Ghori. Neemrana’s rulers, proud of lineage, continued to assert themselves, even under the British. Eventualy they acquired the ruins of the Palace and bought it back to its former Indian Royalty
Emmy DE * Marina Bay Sands - infinity pool with  panoramic view - Singapore