Indians especially go by “Vastu” Shastra which is the science of arranging and rearranging objects around the house to help channel energy in the best possible way. #vastu #fengshui

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Vastu Tips for placing mirrors. Mirrors are one of the most powerful and the most easy to use vastu tools. They act as remedy for several vastu defects. If used as per vastu they give awesome results, but if not, then they take happiness and wealth away. Hence you must make sure that the mirrors in your home and office comply with vastu. Here's a link to get a list of all vastu tips and guidelines related to mirrors:

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Waking up tired? Then you need to know that with practice you can become a much better sleeper! It might take some adjustment with your day, but in the end it will be worth it. Just remind yourself that what you're doing now isn't working and that the tweaks are necessary. Waking up and feeling refreshed, not groggy, can be life changing! Follow along as eBay shares tips to get a better night’s sleep!

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