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Recipe - Light Chocolate Cake - Pour the mixture into a lined 23cm spring form cake tin. Bake in a preheated 150.

IKEA HEJNE 1 section Softwood 78x31x171 cm You can easily expand your combination if you need more storage by adding on sections and shelves.

IKEA ALBERT Shelving unit Softwood 64x28x159 cm Untreated wood; can be treated with oil, wax or glazing paint for increased durability and a personal touch.

These Soft-Baked Almond Sugar Cookies are irresistibly soft, tender and so easy to make! Keep this recipe for any special occasion when you're craving buttery, sweet almond sugar cookies!

My Eliana got an American Girl doll last year for her birthday. Previously I scoffed at these dolls. $100? Seriously? Who in their right mind would pay $100 for a DOLL? Uh huh! Well I’m a sucker I guess because I was sold on them over one aspect. The hair. That’s what did it. I …