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the dining room is decorated in black and white
Royal city apartment - HN
Royal city apartment - HN on Behance
a white staircase with gold railing and handrail
Elegant staircase design / beautiful staircase ideas / metal staircase design ideas / decorations
a modern staircase with a statue in the middle and water running down it's side
Stunning Grandeur Interior Design|Best Interior Design Homes Dubai-أفضل منازل التصميم الداخلي في دبي
We continue to be the best in the interior design business as well as architectural design. #furnituredesign #moderndesignfurniture #dubaidesign #furniture #interiorfitout #fitoutdesign #bespokeinteriorfit-outcompany #bestsolutionsforInteriorfitout #topinteriorfit-outcompanyindubai–luxuryAntonovichdesign
an elegant staircase with chandelier and white walls
an elegant staircase with white marble and gold accents
Penthouse I Interior Design Mountain View I GAF Design Studio ; Opens a new tab Penthouse in Mou
Penthouse in Mountain View designed by GAF Design Studio. GAF provides a full range of Architecture, Interior & Landscape Designs
an image of stairs going up and down
an elegant staircase with marble steps and glass balconies in a modern home at night
Double height wall decor with engraved stone panels
Engraved stone panels that reflect the beauty of nature. Designed by @ar.videesha , The house itself is contemporary in appearance, What the designer wished for was a clever blend of traditional and modern ,so the architect @ar.videesha chooses natural stone in rich classic style with fascinating details as part of their double height wall. #stoneideas #engravedstones #indianhomedecor #indiandesigner #indianhomes #indianinteriors #interiordesign #interiors #luxuryhomes #luxuryinteriors #luxur
beautiful walls design
This is our original design. We have developed in 2019. we named as Euclid. on the name of famous greek mathematicians ’Euclid’ who is considered as ‘ father of geometry’.
the stairs are lit up with dim lights
a living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase in the middle of it's walls