Patti McGee, the 1965 “National Girls’ Champion” in Skateboarding. LIFE magazine: skateboarding

Hit the Deck: LIFE Goes Skateboarding

I own this 1965 copy of Life magazine with the feature article titled 'The menace of skateboarding' with Pat McGee girls champion on the front cover. I believe this was the first documentation of skateboarding in print.

If Rihanna Were A '90s Hip Hop Icon, This Is What She Would Look Like | NYLON MAGAZINE

check out rihanna as a '90s hip hop icon

Rihanna rocks the cover of i-D’s music issue! Peek insi-De the issue before it hits shelves next week, LOOK. (Photography Paolo Roversi, Fashion Director Alastair McKimm, Make-up Yadim, The Music.

Esquire George Lois The Masculinization of the American Woman cover

Esquire Covers by George Lois

George Lois Esquire cover - Virni Lisi, about to debut in How to Murder Your Wife with Jack Lemmon, lathers up in this humorous cover pegged to an article on the masculinisation of women.

Esquire Covers by George Lois - “The Face of a Hero” Lois created a composite image of the leading four heroes to American college students at the time: Bob Dylan, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, and Fidel Castro. Their faces were all joined together by the crosshairs of a rifle sight.

of the 28 who count the most with the college rebels", Esquire cover by George Lois September 1965

The Face Magazine cover by Neville Brody / Volume 1 Nº 59, March, 1985. wish I had kept all my copies....

Critique of Designer – Neville Brody

The Face March Buffalo Style Felix Howard Ray Petri Jamie Morgan Nick Logan Neville Brody

Top model Xiao Wen Ju takes the cover captured by fashion photographer Steven Klein with styling from Patti Wilson.

Vogue Italia June 2015 The China Issue Covers

XiAO WEN JU by Camilla Akrans Vogue China July where Andy Warhol (that's Warhol, as in Holes or Hols) meets the Marilyn Munroe or at least the Xi'an / Shaanxi version of her.

George Lois Nixon's Last Chance cover

Esquire Covers by George Lois

My Favourite 'The Face' cover. The article makes you never ever want to be home alone with him.

Edgy Magazine Retrospectives

Macaulay Culkin THE FACE - comparing attitudes of youth from then and now. Gosha R. has also said he was inspired by the Russian version of 'The Face'.

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