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Summer Dresses for Little Girl | iParenting

In the season of heat and sweat, the one thing we cringe at is thick and dark clothing that make the daytime unbearable. The heat affects kids too who become extremely cranky during this season. But you can help your little girl combat the heat by dressing her in the season's favourites - pretty florals, bright colours and light fabrics that will make her feel cool, comfy and breezy. Check out some stunning summer dresses that you can buy online for your little doll. Don't Miss: 10 Cute Baby…

We decoded these kiddie looks and got you our favourites from their wardrobe for half the price. Time to take junior shopping! Star Kids, Kids Wardrobe, Celebrity Kids, Decoding, Limes, Bollywood Stars, Girls Image, Uber, Wardrobes

Decoded: 5 Celebrity Kid Wardrobes | iParenting

We decoded these kiddie looks and got you our favourites from their wardrobe for half the price. Time to take junior shopping!

10 Fun Kiddie Bags for the Rains: This article talks about fancy bags for kids and where to buy them. Kids Bags, Head To Toe, Monsoon, Little Ones, Rain, Take That, Fancy, Children, School

10 Fun Kiddie Bags for the Rains | iParenting

The gloomy monsoon days make travel a trouble even if it is just from home to your little one's school. All it takes is one wild downpour to get your kids drenched from head-to-toe. We are sure you've stocked up rain-ready must-haves for your children, but wondered what will happen to their beloved belongings when the monsoon takes its course? Here are some wonderful water-resistant bags you can get your little ones to keep their favourite possessions from getting soaked. Don't Miss: Funky…

Is it safe for your teen to resort to such supplements? We dialed our experts to get their point of view on the effects of popular nutritional supplements on teens.

Is It OK For Teenagers to Take Protein Supplements | iParenting

Is it safe for your teen to resort to such supplements? We dialed our experts to get their point of view on the effects of popular nutritional supplements on teens.

Attractive Meal Boxes for Kids: This article talks about different and attractive tiffin boxes you can buy for your little ones. Tiffin Box, Prep School, Kids Boxing, Recipe Box, Little Ones, Fun Facts, The Best, Projects To Try, Good Food

Attractive Meal Boxes for Kids | iParenting

Your little ones are up and about their business with schools starting right on schedule. With all the hustle-bustle of school preps and the various accessories they need for their power-packed eight-hour days, lunch boxes are one of the most essential things. To keep your kiddos happy, healthy and full of life, you’ve got to pack some nutritious lunch. And to put together a good meal that will not spill, you need an apt and attractive tiffin box. So here’s bringing you the best boxes off…

10 gross motor skills activities for children with autism Activities For Autistic Children, Children With Autism, Games For Kids, Family Activities, Happy Children, Kid Games, Spring Activities, Holiday Activities, Motor Skills Activities

Brain Exercise Games For Kids: How To Increase Brain Power With Games And Play

This article talks about how to improve brain power with games for children. We tell you why playtime is important to boost your kids brain power.

Running low on time? Here are some tips to make breakfast apart of your busy morning How To Make Breakfast, Best Breakfast, Smart Nutrition, Eat Together, Taken For Granted, Eat Right, Recipe Of The Day, Healthy Kids, Food Preparation

12 Tips to Help Moms Ease Up Their Mornings | iParenting

It is essential to have a methodology that will help moms balance everything especially in the mornings. Here are some tried and tested tips by a now experienced mom to help you make your work-loaded mornings easy.

How to Deal with Your Little Girl’s First Crush

How to Deal with Your Little Girl’s First Crush | iParenting

A dreamy teenage girl thinking about love Often when parents realise that their child has started showing interest in the opposite sex, they try their best to quell such interest. Needless to say, when your daughter gets distracted by thoughts of that cute boy in her class, she's not going to get a whole lot of studying done. This is what often worries parents, who feel that children should focus on their studies at this stage. After all, love is for later. We tell you how to deal with your…

Positive Body Image in Kids: This article talks about how parents can instill in kids a positive body image and make them aware of the benefits of eating right.

Positive Body Image in Kids | iParenting

A child follows the footsteps of her parents Everything parents do is under the scanner by their kids. Your little ones take note of every little thing you do and say. No wonder then that a five-year-old will know exactly what being fat or thin is. It is very important that you make a conscious effort to lead a healthy life so that your juniors have a healthy perception and a good body image. If one of you told me that your daughter doesn't like a particular dress because it makes her look…

Monsoon Footwear for Kids: This article talks about funky footwear for your kids that they can sport in the monsoons.

Monsoon Footwear for Kids | iParenting

While the monsoon is on its way to take over our world, your kids must be readying themselves to have fun in the downpour. We want your little ones to play in the puddles and enjoy every drizzle while they can still sport their fancy footwear with a smirk on their face. Here are some funky, rain-friendly flip flops and shoes that they can sport. Don't Miss! 10 Colourful Raincoats to Shower-Proof Your Kiddos

Workwear Essentials for the Power Woman

Workwear Essentials for the Power Woman | Style & Beauty

Image courtesy: Mapxencars by Riddhi & Siddhi Adding a dose of style to your daily 9-to-5 work routine is a challenge for most working women. After all, apart from looking good, you want your clothes to spell comfort too! But nowadays, with dress codes more relaxed, looking effortlessly stylish isn’t a task. We show you how. ApparelsWant to sport a little colour in your work wardrobe? If yes, then look for bright separates as well as finishing pieces, such as a bright-hued shoes, a neon bag…

10 Adorable Kiddie Socks You Can Buy Online

10 Adorable Kiddie Socks You Can Buy Online | iParenting

Cute socks that make your baby more adorable is the name of the game. Moreover, your little one's tiny feet are vulnerable to the cold and germs. Considering the weather, you might have to make them wear socks most of the time. We scouted some online stores and shortlisted the cutest ones on sale. Check them out. Don't Miss: Snuggle Bugs: 10 Cute Sweaters for Your Li'l Ones Image courtesy Website stills

Grandparents, let's leave a lasting spiritual legacy in the hearts of our grandchildren by helping them memorize these 66 faith-building Bible verses. M Russell Ballard, Rainy Day Images, Lds Quotes, Uplifting Quotes, Qoutes, General Conference, Latter Day Saints, 4 Year Olds, Getting Wet

10 Tips to Shield Your Kid from Monsoon Health Hazards | iParenting

Monsoons bring forth a host of illnesses that kids are more prone to. Your little angels need to be shielded from the showers to keep them away from all rain-related illnesses and germs that can cause them to sneeze and catch a cold. To keep your kids in the pink of health all through the monsoon, here are 10 things you must do. Don't Miss: Funky Footwear for Your Kiddos on a Rainy Day Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images