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For some it’s resolutions, and others just settle for food. We are part of the foodies’ table and it’s justified when we browse through our recipes’ archive for New Year party snack ideas. We’ll tell you how to make absolutely succulent non-vegetarian starters with prawns, chicken and mutton. These recipes will put real food on the plate, instead of those packaged, tasteless, non-nutritious options. Don't Miss: Recipes: iDiva's Best Vegetarian Snacks for the ...

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Scrambled eggs is the best breakfast option, ever. It’s easy, quick and satiating. Plus, you get the healthy proteins from eggs and the dish can be flavoured as per your liking. Two slices of toasted bread with a serving of scrambled eggs is just what you need to begin your day on a happy note. Here’s how to make scrambled eggs in five minutes so that you never have to rush out on an empty stomach.

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This recipe is a result of this strange and magical phenomenon called serendipity. A happy, food-loving family discovered this recipe when there had to make-do with no cooking oil. You know what they say about the best things happening by chance. Presenting a yummy and easy recipe from a Mangalorean kitchen.

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There are numerous ways to enjoy mushrooms – raw, sautéed, stir-fried, in soups, pickled, stuffed and baked or fried, as dry sabzies, in curries. Not to mention, they can be easily and effectively used as a delicious substitute for meats, giving vegetarians a much-needed respite from paneer and soya. One of the new trends is to dry and powder them and use them as dust on a mushroom cappuccino soup.

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A trip to the supermarket is incomplete without picking up at least one cube of your favourite cheese. With innumerable choices around, it’s high time you raised your CQ (cheese quotient)!

Cheese is one of the most tempting ingredients that can lure you into eating even the most bizarre dishes. The creamy texture that cheese adds to a dish makes it appetising and when it’s combined with garlic the flavour just maximises. Cheese and garlic fritters is a dish that spells pure pleasure. And it’s so simple to make that you will be surprised. This recipe of cheese and garlic fritters is inspired by the traditional peetha with a delicious savoury twist and makes for the perfect ...

On your several travel sojourns in the country, what is that one thing that grabs your attention while walking through a busy alley? We hear an unanimous "food"...yay! Be it the aroma of oily pakodas or ghee-soaked aloo parathas, hot jalebis or the quintessential meetha paan, nothing can beat the rich flavours of street food in India. If you are in the mood for some spicy chaat this weekend, then take a look at our favourite street food specialities across the country here.The Foodie's ...

Do the dosa like a health Goddess! We chanced upon an exciting way to have oats in the morning by adding it to our dosa batter. This healthy Indian breakfast recipe will also work for lunch, or any other meal. It can also be had as a snack and packed as a healthy tiffin item for your little one. It all started when oats decided to change its course and headed to South India!

Katrina Kaif has been one of the most sought-after actresses for a very long time. Everything the actress does makes news, which is then eagerly lapped up by all and sundry. Come to think of it, is there anything you don't know about her? Kats who turns the big 3-0 today does have some more secrets in her closet that we took upon ourselves to reveal to you. Here are some interesting unknown facts about the actress. Don't Miss! Who Makes the Best Jodi with Katrina Kaif? Image courtesy: ...

The pitter patter makes our surroundings just so breathtaking. Don't you want to just extend your hand out of the window every time it pours and soak up the rain? But wait! What about the watch you are wearing? The moment you do that, your expensive watch is ready to be tossed in the garbage. Well, it's time to get these stylish funtastic waterproof watches that look oh-so-good and help you enjoy this wet weather.Don't Miss! 10 Rain-Friendly Bags That Won't Embarass You At All