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my name is rachael. I am a writer and a wife. I am twenty one years of age. I am my most honest, my truest, my darkest, sharpest self here. this is a place for me to express all of the facets I find intriguing about my universe. I am darkly fragmented and simultaneously brilliant and whole by the grace of God. hello, everyone. thank you for inviting me. please enjoy my meticulously constructed interests. -bleue.

Invasion by Paul Apal'kin | 500px

Waldemar Strempler. I like the use of collage and it relates to my theme of disguise because 'she' is made up of different people.

Ascenseur Story

by Josh Suda

Joshua Suda::: work

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Rosie Rushton

Hopenhagen by John Clang. This would also be lovely using photo's of your child taken at different ages

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Billy Stocker | PICDIT

Billy Stocker


Time-Teared Photos : Bobby Neel Adams

Bobby Neel Adams - Time Torn photo.

Time-Teared Photos

Beautiful Yet Haunting: 'Torn' Portraits by Michal Macku

Beautiful Yet Haunting: 'Torn' Portraits by Michal Macku