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An Early 20th Century Advertising Poster for ICI by Lallibhai, £25.00

Fabulous Vintage Village Tribal Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging on Sacking from Rajasthan India. by Lallibhai on Etsy

A 1940's Wooden Elephant Table from South India by Lallibhai, £1750.00

A very unusual small brass rolling pin with bells inside

A very unusual small brass rolling pin with bells by Lallibhai, £15.00

A charming mimiature print of a lady carrying water by Lallibhai, £12.00

A charming miniature lapus lazuli perfume bottle/vase by Lallibhai, £25.00

A metal match box cover advertising Bears Elephant by Lallibhai, £8.00

A Tibetan or Nepalese brass candlestand in the form by Lallibhai, £25.00

A 1920's brass exfoliater with bells inside. by Lallibhai on Etsy, £10.00

Original authentic 1960's toffee sweet biscuit tin from Bombay. Lord Krishna, God of Love. India

A fabulous 1960's toffee tin from Bombay. by Lallibhai on Etsy, £12.00