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Create a personal, special and sacred space in your home: -Clear out all the clutter -Clean the area - Open Windows/Fresh air/burn incense -Find a table that fits into the space = Altar * cover with a pretty cloth * place items from home = PEACE & JOYful times * Candle & incense holders * Crystals *Glass of water. - Represent all the elements fire- Candle + incense. water- glass of water. earth- rock, crystals. air- feathers photos of nature & family music

My mother has been wanting a nice temple for her prayers, but I never liked ones on the market. Some were good but then the price was WAY over inflated so thanks to some of my fellow pinterest friends, I got some courage to make one on my own! I have to say that I LOVE my creation, its exactly how I pictured it in my mind =) Big shout out to recipesdecoded for her/his ideas which inspired me to take on this project!