watercolor mix chart

Great watercolor mixing chart for primary colors (Bob Ross would be proud). Excellent quick reference for when you have limited paints on hand.

marina strocchi -http://www.apbond.com/Artists/Marina%20Strocchi/recent%20works/recent.html

marina strocchi -http://www.apbond.com/Artists/Marina%20Strocchi/recent%20works/recent.html

Olga de Amaral Work - Gold and Silver

Official website of renowned Colombian artist Olga de Amaral.

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edmund de waal

EDMUND DE WAAL, Breathturn, I, 476 porcelain vessels, aluminium and plexiglass cabinet; 90 x 118 x 3 inches x 300 x 10 cm)

Madeleine, Anna


Berlin, Berlin Germany


blue grid, black circles, yellow and red arcs from adjacent corners / sol lewitt

cornelia parker

cornelia parker - Thirty Pieces of Silver 1000 silver items flattened by a steam roller, arranged into thirty groups and suspended a few inches above the gallery floor.

cornelia parker

This Image blows my mind. It's like a floating representation of the controlled chaos that are planned forest burns.

edmund de waal

Edmund de Waal [UK] (b - "This is just to say", Porcelain vessels in a wood and plexiglass cabinet.