Rucha Mahadeshwar

Rucha Mahadeshwar

Rucha Mahadeshwar
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Noorio-Go-Go by ~tokyo-go-go on deviantART

Doodle idea/Character development: Draw an OC with a backpack full of things they'd collect or let weigh them down or that captures their personality. >>> Noorio-Go-Go by ~tokyo-go-go on deviantART

Illustration and Surface Pattern Design. Jenna Russelle is a Toronto, Canada based illustrator and surface pattern designer.

Fingers Crossed (extra good luck) - Jenna Russelle Illustration and Surface… by laurel

The Art Of Animation, Sugarmints

How to Train Your Dragon Poster: Brand New Day, Disney Poster, Toothless and Hiccup, Toothless Poster, Disney HTTYD

Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners - Bing Images                                                                                                                                                                                 More

"custom canvas (using stickers to create background and then spray painting it before removing stickers) awesome, cheap and lovely. I could modify this technique for the kids." This is actually good idea to give as a gift :-)