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The best brunch in London

This board is all about brunch (a late breakfast) in London - the best according to me!
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London is the home of brunch and I am a brunch fiend. When you ask what plans I have for the weekend I will inevitably just give you names of cafes. I have so many to recommend that I was starting to stress myself out about all the posts I had to write, so instead I thought I would just do a roundup of some of my current favorites. Enjoy!


The Breakfast Club

I know, I know. Including the Breakfast Club was always going to be a controversial one. But I maintain that as long as you don’t have to queue (i.e. just go at about 9am on the weekends) the food is American style delicious. Think over the top pancakes, huge menu and decent coffee. I’ve been to three in the franchise now and have always had a good time…and I’ve never waited outside for even a minute.


Duck & Waffle

Not just a fancy feast, you can actually get in and out for under £10 if you order correctly. Its a great place to go if you need to clear your head and get some perspective on London, and the amazing food helps as well. I’ve tried a few things off the brunch menu and by far the namesake Duck and Waffle is my favorite (the full Elvis was just a little too much for me).


London Grind

I had seriously mixed emotions about London Grind the first three times I went, first the eggs were over cooked, then the kitchen was randomly closed and then there were service issues. But the fact that I kept going back means there is potential in there somewhere; the location is amazing (London Bridge station), the food is innovative (quinoa and rocket poached egg salad) and its part of the Grind chain. Fingers crossed the consistency improves!



If you want somewhere to spend five hours and graduate from flat whites to espresso martinis then Caravan is the place to be. Generally hopeless service (I think its just because there are SO many tables, they can’t be that attentive) but damn good food. And that it is close to Kings Cross which is convenient for everyone is a bonus.


Lantana Cafe

BEST CORN FRITTERS IN LONDON. Very Australian cafe with consistently good food, I should know I’ve had their corn fritters once every couple of months for the last two years. Oh and they do proper fatty streaky bacon #swoon.


Hoi Polloi

This is the center of all that is hipster in London, the Ace Hotel. But once you get through the Apple powered, beard drenched lobby and into the Mad Men style Hoi Polloi restaurant all is forgiven. When we sat down for a late Sunday brunch the cello quartet was playing a Madonna remix, the perfect ironic background to the cocktails and pancakes we scoffed feeling like the girls from Sex in the City.


The Laundry E8

This is a cafe tucked away on a side street, inside its huge and concrete cool. They often have guest chefs take over their kitchen so keep an eye out, next month there is an East Asian takeover and the brunch options look tasty to say the least.