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Maharashtrian Necklace Thushi - Paayas From Aionios Creations

Maharashtrian Necklace Thushi - Paayas

This necklace design is very famous by the name Mango Necklace. This is also called as 'Koyari Necklace'. Length of this necklace is adjustable.

Maharashtrian Wedding Bridal Jewelry

When you learn about the Traditional Maharashtrian jewellery names you will fall in love with it for the fun, tradition and happiness it brings to a Marathi bride.

Choker Necklace - Sukumari From Aionios Creations

Choker Necklace - Sukumari

This is a famous design from Maharashtrian jewelry. It can be worn as an choker necklace. Matching earrings are included in set.