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coconut burfi recipe | nariyal barfi | coconut barfi | thengai burfi
caramel custard recipe | caramel pudding recipe | caramel custard pudding
a skillet filled with mushroom soup on top of a table
A Mushroom Sauce for Everything!
rava dosa recipe | instant rava dosa | suji ka dosa | crispy rava dosa
Delicious 😋😋
there are several small rolls on the plate next to a bowl of soup and a cup of orange juice
litti chokha recipe | how to make bihari litti chokha | baati chokha
litti chokha recipe
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Lazy Day Salsa
Paneer Tikka Masala - Instant Pot
Instant Pot Paneer Tikka Masala is a flavorful and aromatic curry, made with marinated and grilled paneer cubes simmered in a rich onion tomato gravy along with warm spices. | #paneer #tikka #instantpot #pressurecooker #vegetarian #glutenfree #pipingpotcurry |
bread manchurian recipe | how to make dry bread manchurian recipe
bread masala recipe | masala bread | how to make bread masala with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular spicy and flavoured snack recipe made with leftover bread slices and pav bhaji masala. generally, it is served as street food, but these days, served in fine dine restaurant too. it is very easy to prepare as it hardly takes minutes.
kadai paneer recipe | karahi paneer | how to make kadai paneer gravy