"Onde as mãos vão, os olhos devem seguir Onde os olhos vão, a mente deve seguir Onde a mente vai, as emoções são geradas Onde as emoções são geradas, o sentimento surge" (Natyashastra - tratado de dança e teatro indiano)

40 Beautiful Photos of India

The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form . this also looks like some of the traditional dances kids showed us in Nepal. Seems like a fantastic cultural heritage!

#VagabombPicks: Best Lehengas for the Bride of 2015

Amna Babar in Ali Xeeshan - stunning orange and black lengha - Indian model - Indian couture - Indian wedding - Indian bride

cooking chapati's

The Chapati Hotti. This young lady in an Indian vilage was so incredibly beautiful but she simply had no idea about it and would probably prefer to be noted for the flatbreads she was so aptly making. Photo by K Peterman.

Beautiful balinese girl

Bali - Bali girl with her "sajeng" temple offering, Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat