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3D artwork..
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pet pale prop..
Outdoor, Art, Home Décor, Cartoon House, Forest, Cartoon, House
Cartoon house
Cartoon house...
Magic Bottle...
a bottle that has some kind of light in it
Magic Bottle..
Imbroglio Cart...
"God of war krato's" blade..
a green and yellow truck parked next to a wooden structure
Imbrolio Cart
Created hand painted texture... Hope you like it..
a futuristic helmet with glowing green eyes
It's a hardsurface 3D model.. i had created it by using software 3Ds Maya and Substance Painter..
a blue mailbox sitting on top of a white wall
Vintage Wooden postbox
This pin is about a vintage box.. I had tried to give this postbox a vintage look.. I had put some dirt and a old kind of look..
a bottle that is sitting on top of a block of ice in the middle of the night
God of War
an old metal object with wooden handles on a black background in low light 3ds
Vintage style gun...
I had used two software to create the whole structure..
It's a vintage style gun in a vintage style..
Vintage style gun
It's a vintage style gun in a vintage style..
I love to create vintage things and this vintage style gun is my one of the work.. 
Hope u like it.. And please do share your review on it. 
Thank you so much.. Design, Olds
Vintage style gun..
It's a gun, which I had design the texture as a vintage look..
an artistically designed object is shown in this 3d renderer image, it appears to be floating on top of a rock
God of war..