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an elephant statue sitting on top of a stone bench in the middle of a garden
Drumming Ganesh Garden Statue - Antique - WHAT'S NEW!
an elephant figurine sitting on top of a table
Ganesha has a dual role of removing obstacles as well as creating obstructions
pink roses are arranged in a large bouquet for sale at the store or flower shop
‎Everpix Wallpapers for iPhone
TAP AND GET FREE APP ⬆️ Stylish pink roses close up pattern wallpaper for iPhone 7 from Everpix app! Follow us and get Everpix free on the App Store!
a blue and white painting of a woman's face with her head tilted to the side
The Ashtavakra Gita
"Those who act in ego do not go beyond karma (karma; action, kaama; desire - these are both transient, to move…