, this lady is my new idol. I want to be like this DIVA

Kinda this idea for the pew markers,but with blue, punk & silver balls instead of the flowers

Directions on using parts from the inside of old hard drives to make wind chimes.

CD Wind Chime - all you need are old CDs and string. Perfect, quick and easy. Very effective. The light reflecting every which way might even keep the crows away!

Love the bangles inside the cylinder. Could do twigs for the center, or a candle, or a sign sticking out that says something about boots or fashion or connecting with girlfriends :0)

Love the bangles inside the cylinder. Easy DIY centerpieces if you add twigs, or a candle, or use as signage for a bangle bar / favor table.

Amazing crepe paper chandeliers

Gorgeous DIY party decoration ideas

Impressive DIY Party Decorations Ideas for Graduation : Beautiful Hanging Flower Ornament Creative DIY Party Decorations by gloriaU

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