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sakshi shrivastava

sakshi shrivastava
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16 Random Quotes that are Obviously About Scorpio Women | Scorpio Quotes

My eyes are my own mood ring when I'm happy there a bright sparkly blue and when I'm broken like an abused horse there a light grey. I've happened to notice that whenever I speak to him there always a light sparky blue that I love o so much

Poor doggy

No matter what size dog is on a chain is so so if this dog at this small size is outside like this someone needs to save this sad that people use chains on dogs like lawn ornaments.

As a six-week-old puppy, Tuffy had the shock of his young life – having a pot of boiling water thrown on him for chewing on his former owner's cell phone. This story is unbelievable. We have partnered with Animals Asia to help save a dog named Tuffy. I know these photos and story are difficult to read and see but together we can help this innocent victim of torture. This is his story. What happened next would have killed most people. Tuffy was thrown from a fourth-floor balcony, onto co...

Medical Donations Urgently Needed for a six-week-old puppy, Tuffy had a pot of boiling water thrown on him for chewing on his former owner\'s cell phone.

How to make denim shorts from your old jeans? #jeans #shorts #denim #vintage #diy

Every girl loves to wear denim shorts during the summer period. They are trendy, sexy and you can easily combine them with whatever you want.