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I would use these in my house in the wintertime with candles: I would paint them in neutral 'snow tone' colors like greys or buff beige or shades of warm brown or maybe that robin's egg blue mixed with them...maybe make snowflake designs and I think that I might be tempted to glitter them JUST a little bit... Upcycle your tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor lanterns

great for your room or for a Bestfriends gift. Step1.Take a bunch of crayons (new or old) Step2. Place them in a shape you want and glue them on. Step3. Get out a hair dryer Step4. Turn it on hot and direct it the way you want your crayons to melt. Step5. Let dry *Do this out side or put news paper underneath.*

Buy a candle the size that you want. Buy stickers of what you want to have on the candle. Modge podge the entire candle. Roll the candles in the colors of glitter that you want. Modge podge one more time!... Peel off the stickers that you put on the candles. Do so carefully!