“Fuck Oasis:” Liam Gallagher Rages Against Brother Noel on Twitter, Calls Him “a Potato” Guess that reunion isn’t happening after all.

The music of my childhood. I thank my mum dearly for introducing these to my ears. You cannot bear Oasis.

Obviously you can't have a pin board about music without having Oasis on there. The first song I remember loving was Don't Look Back in Anger and my love affair with the Gallaghers has continued ever since.

Oasis, Yeah they were cocky and maybe Too Cocky at that... and Yeah, maybe they did try to kill each other one too many times. One thing is certain, they were talented and they made really good music.

(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady by Oasis. From the album Dig Out Your Soul. Lyrics : Get off your high horse, lady I don't need a ride tonight Get off your hi...

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