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Horizontal Skyscraper - El Lissitzky


The temples of consumption: El Lissitzky. Horizontal Skyscraper.

El Lissitzky

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EL lissitzky

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El Lissitzky - Horizontal Skyscraper Project (Wolkenbugel), 1925

Russian Avant-Garde

The sun as the expression of old world energy is torn down from the heavens by modern man, who by virtue of his technological superiority creates his own energy source

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Chernikov-11 main library

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Iakov Chernikhov, strict integration of individual structural elements into a…

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The speculative constructivism of Iakov Chernikhov’s early architectural…

The speculative constructivism of Iakov Chernikhov's early architectural experiments, 1925-1932

Iakov Chernikhov | Construction of Architectural and Machine Forms “The…