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Made my own blending line for my reception class today... They were very intrigued and hopefully it will encourage them to think about the sounds that make up words :)

This website has really cool themes to carry throughout your classroom. I found the ocean one to be interesting because one the swimming pool in the picture. I feel like you could use this as a reward for students that had outstanding behavior where they could do either their reading or writing in the swimming pool.

Kindergarten Smiles: reading buddies...hmmm, something to do with the bijillions of stuffed animals that have multiplied in my home?

Alphabet Box Display -- match the object to the letter. What a cool idea for early learners. Could switch out the objects all year long.

Recording in display what the children say about their work or what they think about what they have been doing along with their photograph can be a great way of getting them to engage with the print that is on the walls