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People were aware that as a black person they were different from the white people early in their life. Black children would not be allowed to play with the white children.

African-Americans were not allowed luxuries like those which the whites had. "White Customers Only" is clearly displayed on this poster.

The slaves were brought into America on ships in horrific conditions. There was little space and many would die whilst on board.

The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) was founded in 1866 and soon spread throughout the South. Their goal was to bring back white-supremacy and often turned to violence in order to scare and punish black and white protesters.

Segregation occurred at all ages. School segregation took place and had to be taken to the Supreme Court who banned the segregation.

Slaves could be bought on the street in shops or auction houses. This shows how acceptable it was in the South and how black people were treated as an object of profit.

The African-Americans were treated as less than humans. Most would not protest in fear of being terrorised (eg. lynched).

In shared public places, such as the theatre, the black and white people would be separated within. This shows that they had to go to the 'Colored Balcony' which is likely to have been very poor in comparison to the one for the whites.

Often black people had no choice but to go back to their slavery jobs. This was due to poor education but moreover it was because people had racist attitudes and did not want blacks to work for them.

In the South, following the Civil War, racial segregation was introduced in order to discriminate against black people. Jim Crow laws were passed and blacks and whites would use separate public spaces. Blacks were sometimes compared to animals such as dogs.