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i took this picture of a bird on holiday outside our lodge. I have used befunky for the effect


Another edit on photoshop by me. Again the background is in blur and the main subject clear as it couldnt be any clearer been in the middle of the page haha. lightened the image slightly as the original was a tiny bit darker. tried soft focus but hasnt come through very well

This isnt much different to the original image. I lightened it up on photoshop and used an artists to inspire me. Background in blur meaning the main subject of the photo is in focus. I wanted to create a lightened effect to it and have soft focus over the whole image. Again used photoshop

created this edit on photoshop. Used the feature of the dog as its nose/mouth. Created it in black and white and made it look shiny by using different effects such as hues and saturations and different colour tones. I used an artist to inspire my work as it was for a piece of work at college.

an image i edited of the rottweiler in our family. Used an artist i used in a book at college to inspire me for this edit. I really like black&white images. used 4 images so i could get all the features of the dog in.

I took this picture of a squirrel outside our lodge in the morning on the table, i then edited it in befunky

This is a picture of my grandmas dog where i edited the image in photoshop to give a black and white effect with a bit of colour