Balanced, cohesive style. The pages with text are dynamically balanced with their facing pages. ------------- Minus Minus Plus by Irene Shkarovska

layout ideas - I like the positioning of the text it has no order yet it is very neat. Also the small text boxes of writing are placed randomly. There are elements of disorder yet it looks very ordered.

Ripped photos by Jacob a.k.a. Mailbomb

Ripped photos by Jacob a. Mailbomb Maybe an idea for the mental illnesses and feelings project : have the rip from cut marks and underneath write words like irk mean ones?

Andre Kohn, Russian painter, was born in Stalingrad in 1972, but was raised in the southernmost region of the Former Soviet Union near the Caspian Sea. He spent the first 12 years of his life surrounded by nature before moving with his family to Moscow in 1984.

Andre Kohn, 1972

by zitronenradio, oil on canvas

would be a good prject.hand drawing on black. or making use of white pencil on darker colored paper.maybe noot black could be too hard. pinned by Liberhada ♥

'Untitled' - Mary Jane Ansell, oil on panel {contemporary artist blond female head large eyes décolletage long neck woman face portrait painting} Disturbed !!

Brighton, UK artist Mary Jane Ansell

Mary Jane Ansell, Georgie (Oil on Panel Selected for BP Portrait Award 2011 National Portrait Gallery UK)

Ingeborg Morath collaboration with Saul Steinberg

inspirations in living, making, portraiture, costumery: Ingeborg Morath collaboration with Saul Steinberg