Mehndi design …

This Mehndi Design Arabic for girls is the perfect example of how henna can be used as an accessory too. Must try Henna Design Idea.

Red henna finger and wrist design. A little OTT for my tastes, but there are elements I could use.

From Sasha_designs on instagram More

Bandhan means A knot or a bond. The simplest definition of Love is family and here the bond between the family specially the youngsters is described.

Henna More

She choose my signature finger design! And I absolutely njoyed drawing on her…

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Hands Modern Henna Designs 2015

Mehndi become an art and culture. Mehndi is not famous only among women but also in kids. Mehndi Designs for Kids 2016 that you would love to try and will satisfy your kid :).

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