Plaque en bronze de Virabhadra (avatar de Shiva). Karnataka, Inde du sud. 18-19ème siècle.

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...From the locks of hair that he tore out in his fury, Shiva created Virabhadra... he was huge and terrible... he had a thousand arms, three burning eyes and fiery hair, and he wore a garland of skulls. Hindu Mythology.

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Shiva and Virabhadra (Illustration to the Shiva Purana)

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The Pure View The Warrior - Friend Virabhadra and the Asanas Origin Sati was the daughter of the high chief of Gods Daksha and married to Shiva. One day Daksha decided to throw a yagna (ritual sacrifice) and invited except for the couple since he despised Shiva. Sati got word of this and suggested to Shiva that they go anyway however Shiva, not...

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