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A illustrated Power Point to be used to illustrate the fruit and vegetables mentioned. It can be used as a singing aid or a discussion point.

This PowerPoint explains the process of farming wheat. Could be used alongside the story 'The Little Red Hen' during a harvest festival topic.

A medium term plan for teaching the harvest festival through Christianity.

Use this PowerPoint to play an 'Autumn' version of Taboo. Alternatively, these slides could be used for vocabulary or writing prompts.

A writing mat with vocabulary to support retelling of 'The Gigantic Turnip' (following version by Aleksei Tolstoy & Niamh Sharkey).

A simple PowerPoint which tells children about the different harvest festivals that are celebrated around the world.

General background on the Harvest Festival, and the links with other festivals/religions. Could be used in tutorial or assembly [slide 2 will need to be adapted]