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the words change can be sunshine if you let it in
Change can be the sunshine if you let it in.
a piece of paper with writing on it and a sunflower in the corner next to it
Always enough for whatever purpose He has for me. Because He has formed me with my purpose in mind. And so I don’t have to strive to be anything more than I am. A better version who is wrapped in His healing and love yes, but nothing more than I already am.
an open book sitting in front of some flowers
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someone holding up a sign that says it's a good day to have a good day if you want a good day
VSCO - juliazacher Positive Thoughts
words to live by | juliazacher
VSCO - juliazacher
an open book with writing on it and someone's handwritten poem in blue ink
VSCO - jenncott
there is a poem written on the back of a towel hanging from a rack in a bathroom
VSCO - ashcosta
a sign that says reminder that winnie the pooh wrote a drop top with no pants or only ate his favorite food and loved himself
a person holding a bottle cap with a message on it
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there is a yellow sign that says you are important yes you, reading this you
a note attached to a yellow tiled wall with writing on it that says, we get so worried about being pretty lets be pretty