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Ahh, the joys of hindsight! Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): "How can something seem so plausible at the time and so idiotic in retrospect?

Calvin and Hobbes, Low Self-Esteem (3 of 4 DA) - No, I'm going to whine until I get the special treatment I like.

Yep, Calvin and Hobbes It seems to me, in life, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It works with toddlers up to Adulthood.

Maybe that's why people settle for the consolation sometimes of "bloom where you're planted?"!

Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): The truth is, most of us discover where we are heading when we arrive." -- Calvin/Bill Watterson ( true as true )


I'm going to stop asking 'How dumb can you get?' People seem to be taking it as a challenge!

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Calvin and Hobbes QUOTE OF THE DAY (DA): Hobbes "Is it a right to remain ignorant?" Calvin "I don't know, but I refuse to find out!