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an old door is painted blue and has ornate designs on the front, along with brick pavers
Farmhouse Carved Wood Barn Door, Vintage Rustic Exterior Entrance Front Door, Double or Single Sliding Interior Doors, Closet Door - Etsy
Hand-carved Solid Wood Barn Door, Vintage Blue Exterior, Entrance Front Door, Double,Single, Sliding or Regular interior Doors, Cabinet Door by WoodCraftedByAnton on Etsy
a metal clock with roman numerals on it
Cast Iron Numbers Sundial - Yard Envy
Cast Iron Numbers Sundial - Yard Envy
there is a compass on top of the monument
Wisley gardens, sundial
a drawing of a clock with the time on it's face and two hands
astrolabio.gif (400×489)
an antique brass clock on a blue background
Mariner's Astrolabe | Time and Navigation
Windjammer: #Windjammer ~ Mariner's Astrolabe | Time and Navigation.