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This article has been long overdue. The thoughts expressed here keep surfacing every time I see fathers being mocked at or joked about, or perhaps mothers taking all the credit for being the only ‘responsible’ parent. Fathers lend me your ears, because I am completely on your side. Let’s get a fresh perspective this Father’s Day about the Urban Indian dad.

A Letter to Fellow Moms on Father’s Day

The only reason to try having a child, if it happens, and all is well, is that first moment of contact. The universe holds its breath and time and space and life and death and laughter and tears collide… Every ounce of your being is riveted. You see your mother as an infant, your father as a newborn. Your mind leaps back into histories that pre-date you by generations while simultaneously you remain rooted to your place in time. You are awe-struck and filled with super humanity; the will to…

How I Met My Children

This Sunday, make Father's Day extra special for your dad. And don't just shower him with love, but with a whole lot of gifts too! Here's our pick of super cool Father's Day gifts that are sure to make your dad's day!

Weekly Loot: Father’s Day Gifts

You don’t need a day to celebrate just how special your dad is. But since Father's Day is right around the corner (Sunday 19th June), we’re sure everyone’s scrambling for ways to show their dads just how much they are appreciated. While you're at it, there's nothing like taking a stroll down memory lane and reliving those precious father-daughter moments. We asked iDiva readers to share with us memorable moments they've had with their fathers. These father daughter ...

Most Memorable Father-Daughter Moments

Where do we start! No guy ever dreams of being a father, so there is no aspirational beginning to this one life event. But eventually it happens, and in fact leads to many new beginnings. The fatherhood bolt struck me when I was 28, in the second month of 2007. Well some may say, too young to be a father, but then when are we ever ready to be a parent.

Shivanshi & Me: Bringing Up My Daughter

As we begin the countdown to the Grand Opening of the most watched and much loved game of football, we need some tidbits to fuel our loyalties.  To keep you cheering all night long, we got a list of snacks that will do justice to the endless hours spent supporting your favourite team. Keep the hunger at bay as we celebrate the spirit of La Jogo Bonito. Don't Miss: 15 Snacks for the Beer Buddies Bonanza Edition Image courtesy:©Thinkstock photos/ Getty images

FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Snacks That’ll Score Well for Foodies

Want to know what this week holds for you? Check out the astro predictions for your personal life regarding family issues, romance and friendship. Also check out if your professional life is on the right track, and learn about your possibilities with money, financial matters and career options. It will help you plan the days ahead

Weekly Horoscope 2014: June 15 to 21

Yogurt is one of the mosy healthy milk-based ingredients that help balance out overpowering flavours and thus compliments spicy food well. A nutritious food option, yogurt has a cooling effect that is best consumed in the summers. Here’s a simple beetroot yogurt recipes that you can enjoy with a bountiful of veggies for company. Try it out

How to Make Thick Beetroot Yogurt Salad [Video]

Guess what, girls... Miss India Organization is looking for the next Miss Diva (and it could be you)! The franchise that was established last year is a new endeavour of the Times Group. And the highlight of it all is that the winner will represent India at Miss Universe 2014.

Are You Ready to be the Next Miss Diva?

A child’s understanding of the world depends on his experience with his inner family. Moms are the ones that take care of every little need of a child and practically run the show at home. But, behind-the-scenes work is done by Dads. Fathers are the ones who go to work, come back home tired and are the heroes in the eye's of their children. We ask celebrity mom Tara Sharma to share her views and experiences on the father-child bond.

Q N A with Tara: On Bonding With Dad