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an ancient alphabet with all the letters and numbers in english, arabic, and greek
omega symbols
This is the Greek Alphabet, in Shatter Me there is a place where people like Juliette or Adam go to be safe called "Omega Point." Omega in Greek stands for "end."
some type of writing that is on a white sheet with green letters and numbers in it
Tattoos News Pics Videos And Info
an image of different types of wires and connectors in various colors, sizes and shapes
a keyboard with the words making symbols with your keyboard
36 Life Hacks That Will Change Your World
Life hacks are yes, at this point kind of hack-y, but why comb through a stupid amount of Tumblr pages just to find the best ones when you can add to this list? Vote on these awesome life hacks and even weigh in on what you think are the best, newest, funniest, and most useful life hacks on t...
the instructions for how to make symbols with keyboard
It's super usefull!!! I will totaly try this!!!
the computer shortcuts poster is shown
Computer Keyboard Shortcut List. Good To Have!
Keerthy Indian Actresses, Indian Fashion Saree, Sarees, India Beauty
Keerthi Suresh in Green Saree
Keerthi Suresh in Green Saree
Bollywood Stars, Boho, Indian Women