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Povos da Antiguidade: Civilização Cretense

Alexandre Herchcovitch MEN | Verão 2013

Subligaculum - taparrabos que llevaban gladiadores y gladiadoras.

Men's Loincloth Types

Matriarchy Female Votary. Knossos Minoan costume. Ancient Greek clothing. Antique Greece statue.

Minoan Cretan Princess Entourage Fresco from Palace of Knossos


The Adorants: From Akrotiri Collection Replica Panel Sizes: 16” x 24” | 24” x 32” | 32” x 48” | The frescoes of three elaborately dressed women were found in the “Lustral Basin” of Xeste 3. They appear to be heading towards what scholars have interpreted as an altar/shrine. The women’s rich clothing, fine jewelry, and meticulous grooming indicate the social status and importance of this composition.


Minoan women dress


On the Street…..After Junya Watanabe, Paris

by ~Damnans on DeviantART. Nefertiti, fine art, painting, portraits