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four cartoon characters with different facial expressions, including one wearing a hat and the other pointing at something
three different avatars are depicted in this cartoon
two cartoon characters are fighting each other with the words, the blue spirit and lee zuko
two comics with one saying stop and the other saying i already have lots of slots back
an image of some cartoon characters with caption that reads, like this meme because its actually just them
a comic strip with batman and supermangirls talking to each other
Scared of the Dark || Damian Wayne x OC - 42: salt in the wound
batman and wonder woman comic strip with caption that reads, what do you have there?
Jason Todd Is Life
a cartoon character sitting on top of a bed with the caption that reads, looks terrible
Picture memes 0tNtVdc67 — iFunny
the comics are very funny and it's hard to tell
Let's try it shall we!