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Exercises to Uplift Under Eye Hollows A cosmetic surgeon might opt to use inferior orbital rim implants, which can help fill in under-eye hollows. However, if you prefer an less invasive approach, you can improve the appearance of under-eye hollows by exercising your facial muscles on a regular basis.

Your eyelids are part of a ring of muscle, or the orbicularis oculi, which encircles your eye. This muscle allows you to open and close your eyes.


Hi yes can someone please send me to South Korea so i can marry a cute korean guy just like Taehyung or can i just marry Taehyung please?

21 Confessions About Love From Hopeless Romantics

Wdnt it be easier to just have fun but not get serious and potentially suffer heartbreak & hurt? At the same time, I want to be in a serious relationship & married again one day.