Rooting cuttings

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7. Growing and caring for plants at home and in the garden🪴
I love using crazy keiki cloning paste to help bare stems grow bushy! 🪴
This is my favorite tip that I’ve learned to save cuttings from rotting in water! 🪴
Do you like this idea? Via: @plantsgardening789 / Tiktok
It’s like magic 🪄 🪴
how to propagate hoya acutata variegata in a container
Hoya Acuta Variegata Propagation
there is a collage of photos with plants in them and the words epirerium pinnatum care & preparation
Epipremnum pinnatum variegata albo propagation & care adventures!
Today I’m writing about my experience with a baby epipremnum pinnatum variegata albo plant, including rooting a propagation and general care.
4 Ways to Propagate the Monstera Deliciosa
a person is holding a plastic bag full of granola and other things in it
A detailed guide for propagating plant cuttings in sphagnum moss!
Learn how to root plants in sphagnum moss—my new favorite way to propagate cuttings and encourage growth of healthy soil roots!
how to propagate houseplants in a tray with scissors and other tools
Here's How to Make More Houseplants from the Ones You Already Have