Sarah Whiteman

Sarah Whiteman

Sarah Whiteman
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This efficient wood stove will heat your home cheaper and more efficiently than fossil fuel alternatives.

Rocket Mass Heater - Burn Tiny Amounts Of Wood - Heats For Well Over 12 Hours A rocket stove mass heater or rocket mass heater, is an in.

If you want to heat a room with just one candle and save even more money you need to create thermal mass and then radiate it with terracotta pots. It more simple than you could ever imagine.

Warm a Room with Only a Candle and a Few Terra Cotta Pots.The terra cotta pots concentrate the heat using convection. While you won’t heat a whole house with it, it can definitely warm your hands and make a cold night much more bearable .

Water Wall Tutorial

A Patio Water Wall looks fantastic and amazing, it will bring peace and relaxation to your surroundings.we are so excited to share with you the DIY WATER W