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Healthy love...for ALL of us to know, women, men, teens..... TEACH the next generation! #parenting
Positive Personality Traits - goals to work for, words to learn & use about ourselves. Interestingly "sensitivity" is on there. Most sensitive people, think sensitivity to be a weakness - hey guys its not!!!. I would also add empathy as a major strength.
Self-Esteem Affirmations by Virginia Satir
5 Self-Esteem Activities for Adults That Will Make Your LIFE easier |
Self-esteem (minus the makeover one since most of my low self-esteem girls are already too image-focused)
5 Tips to Build Resilience
What my body does for me.  What I love about my body.  What's unique about me.  What I can do to help it stay strong and healthy.  Conversation starters to help children when the urge to compare starts. When they see their bodies with new awareness or for
Building self esteem. Know the signs, understand who it is effecting you and start taking action to build your confidence.
My Strengths and Qualities Preview
Self-Esteem activity for my middle schoolers