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Collection by Sara

I thought these would look awesome in my new office but with a $200-$500 price tag... I think not!!! By Sophie Cook

acclaimed contemporary British ceramicist

The portfolio of acclaimed contemporary British ceramicist Sophie Cook

Two beautifully textured vases by Lamella—all I know about the origin of these vases is that they are supposedly made by a company in Thailand started by a brother and sister.

Lamella Vases

Galerie - Jatta Lavi


Sculptural ceramics by Bikis Ceramics


One-of-a-kind ceramics handmade in London by Naomi Bikis


Pebble Vases by Lindform

Pebble Vases by Lindform is a collection of porcelain clay vases inspired by Scandinavian nature with it’s organic tones and simple shapes. Lindform is a Swedish family business started on a …

Ron Arad, ‘Hot Tango (white)’, 2012, Galerie Le Minotaure | Artsy

Ron Arad | Hot Tango (white) (2012) | Artsy

From Galerie Le Minotaure, Ron Arad, Hot Tango (white) (2012), Nylon, 34 × 23 cm


Calming ceramic vessels – greens, white, black

Lake Constance Ceramic landscape recreation The mood of the above relaxed landscape prompted me to seek out ceramic pieces that projected a similar calm. Grazing sheep on a gentle slope leading down to a light infused valley, flooded with tonal contrasts, towards distant dark mountains projected a visceral calm. An alluring dichotomy exists between the innocence of the grazing sheep and the white lake against the foreboding dark mountains in the background. Overall the prevailing impression…

Marvelous Tricks: Vases Diy Mantles wall vases decor.Clay Vases Pottery vintage chinese vases.Vases Fillers Rustic..

18+ Savory Glass Vases Mason Jars Ideas

Marvelous Tricks: Vases Diy Mantles wall vases decor.Clay Vases Pottery vintage chinese vases.Vases Fillers Rustic..

Teak Dry Flower Vase | Analogue Life

Analogue Life

Japanese ceramics and utensils handcrafted by artisans. Our gallery shop is based in Nagoya, Japan. Our online shop ships to countries worldwide.

the-world-today:    “Kami” by ett la benn (DE)

Sri Lanka Ayurveda


Tapio Wirkkala Bolle


Jatta Lavi

Jatta Lavi on Instagram: “Flowers from the winter forest. #alder#graphic#arrangement#handcrafted #vlack#porcelain #design #jattalavi #ceramics #helsinki #finland”

@jattalavi posted on their Instagram profile: “Flowers from the winter forest. #alder#graphic#arrangement#handcrafted #vlack#porcelain #design…”

Shine Labs - Silhouette Vases

Modern Vases

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Rosaria Rattin /  "Note"

Rosaria Rattin / "Note"

Onion Vase. Takehito Ichikawa's handmade wood vases are designed for use with dry or artificial flowers.

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