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This is damn true koi nahi samajh pata mere emotions ko na school friends na family even not my mom she think k main poori family main sub se strong hoon just because I can deal with every situation Likin mere nani sab samajh jati hain. Crazy Girl Quotes, Sad Love Quotes, Bff Quotes, Friendship Quotes, True Quotes, Heart Quotes, Friend Quotes, Qoutes, Girly Attitude Quotes

Mine has hidden so many secrets for so many years some I can’t even share with no one it would be death sentence for me

Wo krti thi behave like a child . but ab bhot strong hai. True Love Quotes, Bff Quotes, Romantic Love Quotes, Cute Quotes, Movie Quotes, Funny Quotes, Real Friendship Quotes, Sister Quotes, It's Funny

Women can be just like kids, when it comes to love, but that is what love does. It makes her behave like a kid.

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Ahh seriously that’s not right do you want us to help you find a winner he will have to through a very invasive 6 women interview if he makes that’s the for you but he signs a contract he he doesn’t keep he’s word and hurts he going to get it the Indian way of yeah baby ❤️✌️⭐️