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I use forever bee honey, its taste amazing and pure, available all vitamins, its boost energy level, the result in front of you
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Best all natural honey.  100% pure, no added water, sugar or additives.  Great for tea, baking and health benefits!  Check it out at
On website Lauren replied: "...Your information is very accurate, except that unfertilized eggs develop into drones without any additional fertilization. This means that male bees (drones) have half the number of chromosomes that female bees (queens and workers) do, which leads to lots of interesting behaviors."
Honey bees are critically important to many aspects of agriculture, urban and rural landscapes as well as backyard gardens - and Bayer supports efforts to promote bee health. #BayerBeeTour
Took picture of this beautiful bee as it began to remove some of the pollen all over its body.  Beautifu and amazing!
Honey Bee are so important because they carry pollen from plant to plant in addition to making honey. This pollination process is critical to the growth of our crops. Help protect our honey bees!