Branch of Hinduism worshipping the demigods. What a beautiful belief and what a…

this is another thing that the people worship Branch of Hinduism worshipping the demigods. What a beautiful belief and what a beautiful placebo!


The Buddha raised his right hand to draw attention to their own bickering and asked them what was ore important; water, or their family relations?


When mind is free from lust, greed, possessiveness, arrogance etc.

Only Lord Shiva, who drank the most deadly poison of this world, is powerful enough to handle the effects of narcotics. His devotees and others are foolish to think that they too can indulge without getting scathed or affected. Are they as mighty as Lord Shiva? Their brain cells and intelligence gradually gets depleted due to highly negative effects of these narcotics and drugs. Not everything is fit for consumption of ordinary mortals.

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Occult, Tarot & Astrology ~ Tantra, Oracles and Symbols ~ Gay Mystics, Masculine Divinity and the forbidden fruit .

Goddess Durga

Everything you ever wanted to know about major hindu festival Dussehra. The myths,traditions and spirituality behind DUrga Puja is unrevealed. Bow your heads before Goddess Durga,this is the time when she visits us.

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Kali - Goddess of revolution Goddess illustrations by Charles Ekabhumi Ellik Graphics designed by Corey deVos Quotes taken from Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton (via The Goddess Returns

Ardhanarishvara, a composite androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati, who represents the masculine and feminine essences combined; a figure of temperance / Nilam, Kirlia

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