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josh blackwell

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Not really packaging but it is a photo of a woman in a plastic bag...found it strange but compelling

Malgosia Kalinska (PL) - Necklace: Untitled 2012 - Silver,plastic bag Photo by the artist - - "Building from plastic bags to create rhythmical, ordered structures, I have found for them a new place in my designs. Embedded in necklaces and rings they function as gemstones and pearls."

Photographer Beatrice Jansen | pink plastic bag

This piece of work by Steve Gallagher makes me think about one of my favorite movie scene —'the plastic bag scene'— in American beauty. "I love this scene so much, and the piece of music by Thomas Newman is so cathartic." --»

Sculptures de Sacs Poubelles

Khalil Chishtee Sculptures de Sacs Poubelles (7)