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a painting of a man with his arms crossed in front of a car and trees
a man with a red turban standing in front of a tan wall wearing a green shirt
Sidhu Moosewala 🌶️🌶️
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle down a sandy beach under a full moon
a man standing in front of a tractor on the side of a road with an orange turban
5911 ❣️ Sidhu
a man standing next to a truck with the word jatt on it's side
Sidhu Mosewala
Sidhu Mosewala
a man with an orange turban is looking at the camera while wearing a blue suit
a man in an orange turban talking on a cell phone next to a car
Moosewala Forever 💙
a man sitting on top of an old jeep in front of a blue sky with the words, you can be the king i'm an emperor
a man sitting down while talking on a cell phone and holding a smart phone to his ear
Sidhu Moose Wala
a man in plaid shirt and blue turban on stage with his hands up